Sep 6th, 2017
Please note that the meeting scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. Thank you.
Apr 19th, 2017
Congratulations to the 2017 Playoff Crews

Crew 1: Steve Durrance, Scott Wadstrom, Cody Hall
Crew 2: Russ Martin, Jonathan Hagen, Carl Sumner
Crew 3: Dave Stone, Eric Andrew, Mark Marino
Crew 4: Danny Coggins, Bosco Lugo, John Fessel
Crew 5: Paul Kutcher, Jared Bilsland, Terry Limehouse
Crew 6: Jose Rodriquez, Matt Nall, Steve Zsiga
Crew 7: Lamarr Simon, Dave Plattner, Bill Leath
Crew 8: Ed Montoya, Dylan Liabidosos, John Rosas
Crew 9: Willie Larkins, Russ Cromley, Russ Weich
Crew 10: Charles Bruce, Jeff Lluberes, Jackie Cureton

Jan 5th, 2017
The meeting scheduled for 1/9/2017 has been moved to 1/10/2017 at 6:30PM. It will still be at the Leto H.S. Auditorium.
Dec 31st, 2016
The first general membership meeting of the new year will be held on 1/9 @ 6:30 PM at the Leto H.S. Auditorium.
Sep 6th, 2016
Unless there is a change, our meeting will be at Plant High School at 6:30 on 9/7. Since I won't get a confirmation until Tuesday, this could change so please stay tuned to Arbiter.
Mar 24th, 2016
Congratulations to the 2016 Playoff Crews

Crew 1: Steve Durrance, Bosco Lugo, Mark Marino
Crew 2: Carl Sumner, Russ Martin, Jared Bilsland
Crew 3: Paul Kutcher, Lamarr Simon, Scott Wadstrom
Crew 4: Dave Stone, Danny Coggins, Jose Rodriguez
Crew 5: Jonathan Hagen, Jeff Carter, Cody Hall
Crew 6: Dave Plattner, Bill Leath, Matt Nall
Crew 7: Willie Larkins, Kip Kerrick, John Rosas
Crew 8: Ed Montoya, Bryant Moreno, Jeff Lluberes
Crew 9: Tim Henderson, Dave Perez, Robbie Barrios

Mar 23rd, 2016
Congratulations to the 2016 Saladino Final Crew (From L to R: Bosco Lugo, Willie Larkins, Mark Marino and Carl Sumner)

Dec 22nd, 2015
All 2016 meetings will be held at Jefferson HS in the auditorium. Park on the west side of the school (Enter on Trask).
Dec 22nd, 2015
As a reminder, FHSAA dues for baseball must be paid by January 4th. is the site to visit for online registration.
Nov 2nd, 2015
The November 4th meeting will be held at Plant High School. We will be meeting on the baseball field at 6:30 PM. Please be prepared to work.